Sketchup 2016 vs 2015

Is anyone else having problems with sketchup 2016. I recently downloaded sketchup make 2016 and am seriously regretting it. I had zero problems when working with 2015. In 2016 I am trying to create a large 3d grading map for a large residence. It is freezing when I try to explode group or drape anything on it. Also when trying to manipulate it it is very slow. I recently built the same model three times in 2015 and had no problems. Just wondering if I am the only one with this problem.

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You haven’t given enough information to go on, and your silly info in your profile doesn’t help. Do you really not know what OS you are using?

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GeForce GTX 980 - windows 10 - 64. I updated my account. I am seeing if anyone else is having any other problems with 2016. I had no problems with 2015. I am trying to build a large residential 3d model and it is operating really slow where as in 2015 there were zero problems. Just wondering if 2016 is not capable of running large scale models.

Is Win10 an upgrade?

I re-installed 2015 and am going to start over my current project to see if it runs any faster than on 2016.

Ive been having issues with scroll/pan features… My mouse becomes inactive, but all features of the app seem to work (hotkeys, etc) And yes, I also had ZERO issues while using 2015. The one thing we have in common is… Win10.

My issue with 2016 is that I no longer see the thumbnails in the Explorer window and I’ve tried every possible thing to fix this. Also, there’s a bug in LayOut concerning the dimensions. Other than that, it’s good.

@VahePaulman, please ensure the bug is reported so that we can log them in the database.

I have also problems on my Windows 10 computer (upgrade) Sketchup 2015 is running great and fast. On the same computer Sketchup 2016 is slow. What’s the problem here?

Do you have already a solution Trevor? SU 2016 is also running slow on my Windows 10 64 bit computer (upgrade Windows 8). It’s not only with large models. SU 2015 is just running fine on the same computer.

Sorry for the delayed response. I do not have a solution for what is going on. I went ahead and bought the pro version for 2016 and it is not crashing nearly as much as it was. But for some reason I remember 2015 never crashing at all on me. Maybe I just had a miracle file that was invincible at the time. I have learned to work in multiple files at one time and copy-paste in place to eliminate files getting to big. Let me know if you have any questions for me. Also when I am working in my rendering program I bring in my sketchup files as three or models. FOr example, (1) house model, (2) landcsape model, (3) any other large component that needs to be imported.

@Trevor @Sketchup I found out this strange thing. I hope I can explane this in English. I am working with a UHD 3840x2160 monitor. Sketchup 2015 is working fine, but Sketchup 2016 is sometimes acting very slow even with a new empty drawing. I found out that when I reduce the window size (make it a little bit smaller than full screen) the problems are solved and SU 2016 is running normal. I cannot explain this.
Best Regards, Richard


That is one way to solve the issue if it works. This topic might be worth starting a new thread for you. Since I am not sure who all will look at this topic since it is so old. If my sketchup runs slower I will shrink the size of the screen to see if it improves anything. I have also learned that if you turn off your profiles under VIEW-Edge Style. Then sketchup runs a million times faster.


Haha I just noticed that you had already started a new thread this weekend about this topic. So ignore the last comment. You are one step ahead of me.


Quite an old post indeed, but I have exaclty the same problems on my workstation with windows 10.
Big models are running fast and well on Sketchup 2015, and really slow on Sketchup 2016.

Edge Style works a bit faster, but once shadows or profiles are activated, it’s owfull.

Trevor, did you found an other solution than downgrade to sketchup 2015 ?

I have adapted to it. I only use 2016 on all of my projects. The only time I will use 2015 is when I download a model on the warehouse and it opens as 2015. I have been fighting 2016 with the larger files. I break my files up in quadrants just like an architect would do with construction document sheets. It is a pain but I am able to link them together very easily in my rendering game engine program. Plus it is a really great way to keep my projects organized as long as you keep your saved folders in check.

I notice that when I bring in more than 10 geo-location mesh’s it bug splats and crashes(not sure on what exact number but just put in ten since it is around there). So I have been very weary on how many I bring in. I have also noticed that sketchup uses contours much more efficiently so I have been bringing in my surveyed contours from cad (then running simplify contours) rather than the geo-location from google earth. I am just rambling now but to answer your question I really have not found a solution. I did get sketchup pro and it has been working much better but I have not pushed its limits since I work in multiple files and try to stay away from bringing in many models from the warehouse. My models tend to be much smaller if you build everything yourself taking into consideration its size.

I wish I had an answer for you. 2015 does operate larger files more efficiently than 2016. It had less bug splats. I constantly save and whenever I have a splat then I start working in a new file and then try to possibly copy and paste in place whenever I can. It is an artform when working with larger files. ha

If you have any questions for me then feel free. I am here to help.