Is SketchUp Windows 10 Ready


Is SketchUp Windows 10 Ready or should I hold off updating ?


You might read through this thread, to see some of the issues and solutions people found:


If you have a Pro license, because Windows 10 is not supported yet for SketchUp 2015 or earlier, then in effect you violate the terms.

If you must update make sure you create a restore disk, in case you have to roll back.


Trimble employees have indicated that the company does not reveal any details about upcoming SketchUp releases as a matter of policy. However if tradition holds, the next version of SU should be coming out sometime in the not too distant future. Obviously, I don’t know when or if this will occur, but in the event a new release were to be introduced, it’s reasonable to expect it to accommodate Win10. It will be a disappointment if the next version remains incompatible with the latest Windows OS.


Thanks for the info., I will hold off.


For years the standard advice around here is to hold up updating the OS - let other, impatient people find the bugs for software/driver developers to fix.

The ‘funny’ thing in this case is that advice usually was directed to Mac OS upgrades. Though Windows-wise, Vista roll-out had issues, Windows 7 went real smooth, 8 was so-so. This 10 roll-out roll-out seems very dependent on ones system set-up.

Over the years SU developers have increasing relied more on OpenGL function calls for SU function and performance. So graphic drivers are more important than ever. It doesn’t help that this 10 roll-out coincides with a real crappy driver for AMD card users.

FYI, I’m sitting on the floor right now next to my new computer setting things up. I installed Win7 Pro, feeling a bit forced to upgrade from XP Pro. My biggest issues to-date have been ill-fitting cables from power supply (bad batch from Corsair) and accidentally switching pin polarity on restart front panel pins. This computer is a much better rig, I’m sure I’ll like it. OS is installed on a mSATA drive bay on MB. MSI forgot to add screw holes on this board to secure the drive though. I’ll tape it down with kapton tape so the drive doesn’t touch the video card.


for OSX because Apple regularly/often changes or removes APIs (QuickDraw, Carbon), technologies (Rosetta) and cuts off hardware standards (ADB) sothat affected applications/hardware do/es not work any more with a new OS release.


For about a month now I’ve been using SketchUp Make version on an Intel NCU (it’s a brick-shaped PC) that had a fresh install of Windows 10. I haven’t seen any issues at all. The NCU is a pretty high performance PC, but I’ve noticed no slowdown at all compared to my other PC where I’m running SketchUp on Windows 7.


Thanks Rob for the update.