Is SketchUP Pro faster in Windows 10 than in earlier versions - Windows 7 or 8?

Hello all
I have a 5 man army tiny office and still on Windows 7 and Windows 8. (detest the forced upgrade policy with Windows 10. So wish to stay put with my current Windows 7 & 8 versions). Have 3 licenses for SketchUP Pro - 2 x 2018 and one 2019 version - stopped paying up for maintenance subscription - I might retire & close down in a couple of years or so.

I have noticed that these same versions run much faster or handle better large files with shadows enabled and with 3d trees etc., in Windows 10 laptops (core-i7 2.5 Ghz+ Nvidia 1050Ti & 4gb Vram+ 16 GB RAM)

Same file has great difficulty in rotating with shadows on and still no shadows are cast, and with shadows off, rotates, but with difficulty, on my desktop (Core-i7 4.00 Ghz + Nvidia 1050ti with 4 GB Vram + 16 GB RAM) - obviously my desktops are more powerful than the laptop mentioned. I realized this when a student sent me her large (160MB) SketchUP model and I had this difficulty. I am a senior visiting professor in School of Architecture in my city. But when I had visited the studio, this very same model had no difficulty in handling like rotating etc., with the shadows on, on her laptop I had mentioned above. Her OS, of course is current latest Windows 10. I requested her to copy the model on her friend’s laptop - same specs. No problem.

I tried that same model on all my 3 desktops - 2 running on Windows 8.1 and one on Windows 7 Sp-1, with the above mentioned faster processor & specs. In all the three, it had great difficulty in handling it.

This was the very reason I stopped upgrading SketchUP, as I do not intend to upgrade my OS to Windows 10. I have seen too many people including the students suffer because of the forced upgrades. I know almost everyone today is on Windows 10 and managing with the forced upgrades too. That should be a different topic.

My question now is, is it really true that Windows 10 is much, much faster - may be for SketchUP Pro ? If so, why does Trimble not mention a word about it? I am baffled because a less powerful laptop with Win 10 was handling with ease while my more powerful Desktops could not with Win 7 & 8.

Your replies would be very valuable to me. Thanks in advance.

What generation of processor? There is a large difference in performance of an i7 third generation or eight.

Thank you for your reply Mike. My desktop processors are 7th Gen (4.0Ghz) which runs Windows 8.1 and 6th Gen (4.5Ghz) which runs Window 7-Sp1.

I have recently upgraded my two older computers from Windows 7 and 8 to 10. I don’t think this had much of an effect on SketchUp performance, but in general, things like computer startup time improved quite a lot.

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I shall wait for more replies. I know it might take time. Not too many would be using Windows 7 or 8 now, in this forum. Since I do not have a Windows 10 computer, I would not be able to run comparative tests with large & complex files created just for the purpose of testing if the OS made the difference.

I agree Anssi. I upgraded an AMD dual core Windows 7 laptop to 10 when it 1st came out and I saw a noticeable speed increase in boot as well as normal use. After this I did an SSD swamp and the speed was improved even more. With the SSD swap SU did seem a bit quicker in it’s use.

different Windows versions normally do not lead to a noticeable better performance with applications besides maybe a little bit better multi-threading and caching of W10 which shouldn’t lead to big performance jumps.

More likely is that you are using different viewports on your desktops and notebook, i.e. the screen resolution used for the SketchUp modeling window is different with a higher, more GPU-demanding resolution (3K/4K) used for the desktop systems.

Thank you for the responses. May be that particular file was a freak file. I haven’t tested it with any other file from that student. May be it wasn’t because of windows 10.

The display resolution was same on the tested computers 1920x1080 - Full HD