Buying a new laptop to use sketchup

I’m looking for a new portable laptop that can handle SketchUp, because I bought one Dell last year and unfortunatly it says that my Intel HD graphics 620 is not compatible. I need to use SU for college (Architecture and Urbanism). Can someone help me?

intel Core i5/i7 CPU preferably none of the M(obile) versions (= slow) and a dedicated nVidia GeForce GT(X) graphics card… min. 8 GB RAM (maybe w/ 1 slot free) and a SSD is recommendable. If you are working in bright surroundings (e.g. outdoor) do prefer a matte display preferably w/ a IPS display (= wide viewing angle, better colors).

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Thanks! Do you recommend me a brand?

if money is an issue… likely… I would check MSI, Lenovo and Acer devices; Dell, HP and Asus are typically more expensive.

Lot’s of decent notebook reviews here.

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