Looking for best laptop workstation for SketchUp and CAD

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I’m looking to get a high end workstation laptop. I use sketchup pro, autocad lt, and I’m going to start using Revit. Revit and autocad graphics cards seem to conflict with the gaming graphics cards everyone is talking about on the forums that work optimally for sketchup. High end quadro nvida cards don’t benefit sketchup. Someone mentioned having 2 machines. Is there one that does it all? Looking at the Lenovo workstation P530. Dell precision’s? Any other recommendations for high end laptop workstations? Thx

There is a way around it but Sketchup does not like me saying this . . Use Virtual Box and re install the same windows you have now . . Install the Extension Pack and the Guest Additions ( Let it install the Video Driver it wants ) You will have to keep at least 2 of the CPU’s for the Windows side and let the rest run the Virtual Box side also have to keep 120 megs Video for the Windows side and let the rest be in Virtual Box . . It is how I run it inside of Linux . . Oh yeah add a folder to the Windows Desktop for sharing items back and forth from the Window to virtual box side of things

If you are paying for the laptop yourself, you could forget about the “workstation laptop” models and look for a good “gaming” computer. There is nothing wrong with the workstations but the price, and nothing in them that the applications you mention would especially benefit from.

No conflict. OpenGL and DirectX are two contending graphics APIs used by both games and 3D applications. AutoCad and Revit use DirectX whereas SketchUp and, for instance, Archicad use OpenGL. Any good graphics card has drivers that support both.


That’s a lie, gaming cards work rather well with these, in my experience (the Nvidia GeForce cards 1060 6GB and higher models). Revit can get rather resource hungry though, so make sure you get something that measures up to your intended end use.

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You’ll see NO benefit with Revit and AutoCAD with a Quadro card. Not worth the price difference.
Get the fastest Intel Core i7 you can find, 32 gb ram, M.2 SSD hard drive and a Nvidia RTX card. What I run and NO issues with Acad 2020, Revit, SU Pro, Adobe CC, etc…

It is not that “SketchUp” does not like you saying this, but the simple fact that SketchUp does not support Linux or virtual environments. This is why when someone asks for recommendations for a computer and your suggestion is a system that does not meet the requirements, your posts like this get flagged as off-topic.