Purchasing new laptop

I need help on getting a new laptop. I have most of the specs down but struggling on best Nividia card to get. Nividia Quadro T2000 or NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2080 Super with Max-Q 8GB. Budget is not an issue I want the best performance for interior design, architectural drawings and VR walkthrus using sketchup pro.

From what I have seen on the forum, for Sketchup the Quadro series cost more and perform worse than GeForce cards.

Unless you have other programs that benefit from a Quadro, go for the GeForce one.


Thank you.

Yes, with normal CAD/3D programs (Acad, SU, Revit, Maya, Max, etc…) you will see no difference in using a Quadro based card. I use an RTX 2080 at work with Acad, Su, Revit, Simlab, etc and I have no issues at all.

Quick screen grab from PassMark pretends that the RTX is almost 3 times faster than the Quadro:

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@Anssi thank you,
this is very helpful looks like the geforcertx2080 is the way to go

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@Sean-WFU thank you

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