Graphics Card Needed

Hi is a Quadro P620 2 Gig enough for sketch up I will be building a 30000 foot warehouse but no rendering will be needed just basic colours


don’t buy a Quadro (w/ no advantage for SU) but a GeForce GTX/RTX being faster and cheaper:


The P620 is a ridiculously overpriced, about 5 years old design, even originally meant mainly for 2D applications like AutoCad LT. The same amount of money should get you a decent GeForce RTX card. If you are retrofitting a graphics card to an older computer, check the power supply. If your PSU only has room for something like the M620 it might be the time for a totally new system as possibly the CPU isn’t that great either (I faced this dilemma a couple of years ago).

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I suppose it’s a card in a laptop. In Sketchup, the size of geometry can be a significant problem - trimming geometry.

Sorry, typo. M620 was a not very powerful laptop card. I had one in my previous Asus ultrabook. Nothing to write home about but it ran my small models quite OK.

The graphics “card” on a laptop is usually soldered on the motherboard and cannot be changed. I once had a “luggable” laptop that had a very small form factor ATI graphics card that I could replace (with an identical one) when it failed (after the warranty had ran out, of course).

This is only true for consumer laptops. I usually use Business Workstations models and this is where modular cards reign.