Opinions on Graphics Card for Notebook Computer?

does anyone have experience with the 2GB Nvidia Quadro M1000M graphics card? My brother is looking for a new notebook computer and wants to run SketchUp on it. The Dell computer he’s settling on has this card. Good? Or not?

The “workstation” range of laptops usually come with a Nvidia Quadro graphics card. the M1000 is the “entry level” card in the series. SketchUp does usually work OK with it (it is in my work laptop) but you will definitely get more “bang for the buck” if you choose a Geforce “gaming” card instead. Quadro drivers have a reputation of more reliability compared to GeForce ones.

There was a saying that “no corporate IT manager ever got fired by buying IBM stuff” and Quadro graphics cards could well be assigned the same description.


Thank you sir. I’ll pass that on.

@DaveR; may I ask if your brother did buy the M1000M laptop and what’s his experience with (complex) SketchUp models? I’m thinking about a Dell with this one as well.

That’s a good question. I’ll check with him when I get back from Basecamp.

Follow up ?

At the time I got back from Basecamp he hadn’t really used it yet. I just asked him again. He said he ended up with a Quadro M2000M and has seen no problems so far.

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