Dell XPS with Intel Iris or NVidia card?

Hey all, I’ve been a Mac user for a number of years and I’m seriously considering switching back to PC. I’m intrigued by this new Dell XPS:

However I’ve heard that Intel graphics cards are dicey with SketchUp.

I’m thinking that might be the case, and if so I was looking at this:

This has an NVidia GTX 1650 card which seems to be suited for SketchUp and other 3D stuff…

I’ve never run a GTX card like this, back in the day when I had Dells/Windows PCs I always ran Quadro cards…

Anyway I was wondering if there was anyone out there with experience with either of these laptops that could share their experience…

This forum has myriads of posts with users having problems with integrated display chips so their record is indeed quite flaky. SketchUp doesn’t recommend them. So I would say, take the Nvidia. The Quadros offer no benefit for SketchUp or most other 3D application users compared to GTX/RTX, they cost much more for the same performance. Corporate IT buyers for some reason favour the “mobile workstation” models from the large vendors and these tend to have Quadro cards.

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Running with a GTX/Quadro card instead of Iris will give You the ability to dabble in rendering if you choose to do so plus more GPU horsepower in general. The Quadro vs. GTX debate just comes down to your use case. If you’re bound to Quadro specific features, get one - if not there’s no reason not to go GTX, especially considering the price to performance ratio.

Maybe worth looking at the Acer ConceptD line, as well.
They got some very powerfull stuff, gamelaptops without the flashy keyboards etc.

I used to run Dell Precision workstations and laptops and those had Quadro cards in them. They were very capable at SketchUp. I do more than SketchUp now… Light video editing, some photo editing , etc.

I am liking the idea of a smaller laptop. And this 13 inch Dell XPS seems like it’s reasonably good at gaming

That’s what made me think that it might be a good candidate for a new machine… But I’m also fine with a 15inch if that’s what I need.

You’ll see NO advantage in using a Quadro card for SketchUp for the price difference. Find a medium to high RTX card and you’ll be just fine. Something like a Dell G5 with the RTX 2060.

This is a few years old (2018) but it gives a very good picture on just how well a $999 RTX 2080ti does against a $2,800 Quadro P6000.

Looking for options with the same 13" form factor I found three with a Nvidia MX250 2GB graphics card: Asus Zenbook 13 Pure, HP Envy 13-aq1011no and Lenovo Yoga S740. All had a similar mobile i7 processor SketchUp-wise (Lenovo the same one) and should cost up to $1000 less than the Dell.

While the Nvidia in these is nothing to write home about I consider it anyway better than the integrated options. None of these nor your Dell option are really meant for heavy number crunching, more to be handy to carry around. I wouldn’t like to try to use one as my main machine. I have an older Asus Zenbook that I like but not to work with heavy 3D models.

What do you think abou that XPS 15 inch though?

I would think with the i9 and that graphics card this would be a pretty competent machine.

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I rather agree. It ought to be somewhat faster than my current work computer, the graphics card scores a tad faster than the Quadro P2000 in mine, and mine has an i7 CPU.