Sketchup Pro info and laptop specs

Hi to all, this is my very first time here with you :slight_smile:
I created this new topic because i need your help. I’d like to change my laptop because it is now outdated and I was looking for a new one and browsing the net I discovered these gaming laptop made by Dell. In particullary I saw this one:

It has an I7 of 10th generation, 32Gb of ram and has an NVidia 2070 Super with 8Gb of DDR6 and I would like to know if the graphic card is ok for Sketchup Pro or if the Nvidia family card are not the best for the 3D rendering program… Is the Nvidia 2070 Super ok or not? considering also future upgrade of the program…

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give it to me.

LOL You’ll be just fine with that :wink:

That will certainly be OK.

Thanks a lot! both of you :slight_smile:

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No problem. Those specs are better than my 1 year old desktop and it doesn’t break a sweat doing SU, Acad, Revit, Form-Z, Adobe Cloud and rendering in Simlab.