I Dell precision graphics cards

Morning all.

I’m considering a small form factor Dell precision desktop. Can anyone recommend the graphics card from the options. I have read of some issues with the Firepro cards so leaning towards the Quadro’s, but which one? I want to be sure I get this right. I will be running Adobe Cc too. Dells guide doesn’t make it obvious to me and any real word experience is always invaluable.

Thanks in advance.

For SketchUp, you would be quite OK with a GeForce card, but if Quadros are your only choice, I’d recommend the K2000. Higher is probably overkill, and the cheaper ones are targeted to 2D work. I too would stay away from AMD.


Thank you for your help. These are the options:

Out of those, I would select the Quadro K1200. It should work OK with SletchUp. The NVS models are 2D cards for use with business applications and multiple monitors, like in dealing rooms.