New Computer Recommendations - RAM Amount

Hi All, just about to upgrade computer, does 16gb vs 32gb of ram make much difference
mostly running Sketchup, AutoCAD, & Photo Editing Software
-Will be 2400Mhz DDR4 Non_Ecc SDRAM

a couple of the other specs will be, any feedback is triplicated
-Nvidia Quadro M2200 w/4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
-Intel Core i7-7700HQ (Quad Core 2.80GHz, 3.80 GHz Turbo,6MB 35W

Looking forward to hear any comments

I would not get a notebook with a Quadro video card. You will see NO difference in using a GTX based one over the higher priced Quadro, especially in AutoCAD and SketchUp. More ram is always better so if you can swing 32gb then do it. Also spec one with at least a 256 ssd harddrive (M.2 if possible). Good on the i7-7700HQ.

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Depends, how large are your files that you have open? I often run into problems using Photoshop + 3D application at the same time when using large models and files (4-5GB).

Hi Sean

Getting the Dell Precision 7520, and other option on Graphics Card is Radeon Pro WX 4150 w/4GB GDDR5, which is about $240 cheaper, but just want the best option…thouhgts?
not sure what you mean with the GTX?

Bang on with the Hard Drive, going with 512GB M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive Class 40, with a second Hard Drive Also for file storage just a standard 1TB 2.5inch 7200rpm Sata Drive

so guessing more Ram will be best if having both AutoCAD and sketchup open, along with other programs like outlook, and acdsee.
currently running 32gig on my existing laptop that is just over 3 years old now

Yes, I only have 16GB myself on both of my machines but I am pushing it to the absolute limit all the time on both my PC and Laptop.

Edit: Laptop is MAC

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Hi Troy, that’s a nice rig for sure but it seems a bit over kill for AutoCAD and SketchUp. Now maybe for Solidworks or similar I could see a Quadro and I am not a fan of Radeon graphics for CAD/3D work. Now they are fine for video games :wink:
Did you look at the XPS 15 for Business line? The top model is $2,200 with the i7-7700HQ, Win 10 Pro, 32gb, 1TB PCIe SSD and GTX 1050 4GB DDR5.
They all 3 would most likely work well, I am just a bigger fan of the GTX series.

If you are stuck with the computer model and your only graphics options are an ATI card and a Nvidia Quadro go for the quadro even if its price/performance ratio is not optimal. My next work computer (not chosen by myself) will have a similar setup. I, like Sean, am not a fan of AMD graphics, although lately their OpenGL support seems to be working.


It’s true :slight_smile:

Is it getting better? It used to be quite bad on SketchUp. My older home laptop is an AMD based unit and while the CPU was fine the ATI video was not so great. My older AMD based desktop with similar CPU but with Nvidia GT540 card was much better in SU than the ATI.

I agree, if it’s Quadro or ATI get the Nvidia based unit.

Looked at the XPS after your comment, quite intriguing, but limited options on upgrades if you wanted any, but they do pretty much everything, that top one you mention is list price $3700 here in Canada, Precision was in the $4,500+ mark, but can will be $3,050 or $300 more if i want that extra 16 Gig of Ram, to bump it to 32gig

Found some more reading i seems like the Quadro M2200 might be a better for what i use it for.

Sounds like a lot of money but get 36 months out of it, only $100 a month, for a machine we use hours a day, then becomes back home / home office one for next 36 months after that

Just a tip never just but off the Dell website, get a business account and deal with someone, price will always be much better than whats listed…even if on sale

unfortunately Quadros do show more problems with the OpenGL support SU requires and also do not provide any advantage neither for SU nor ACAD sothat the nVidia GeForce GTX consumer series is regularly a better choice (= much faster for the same price, much cheaper for the same performance).

If you are looking for the ultimative rig, check the Dell Alienware series, the 15 R3 with a i7-7820HK, a GTX 1080 Max-Q is currently a top notch system… but also heavy. The device does have a maintenance flap sothat you could add a RAM module later on if required (i.e. start w/ 1 module @ 16 GB). Get one with the matte IPS panel (not the TN gamer panel):


This is going to be true for any thin laptop. One just needs to decide if they want thin or chunky. I bought an Asus unit 3 years ago that is pretty much the same specs as my desktop (core i7-4710HQ, 16gb ram, 256ssd and GTX 850M). While not being super thin it handles anything I throw at it.

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Thanks, not to concerned about being supper thing, take it out of the office once a month maybe,

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Most powerful 15" laptops with GTX1070 or better, plus numpads.

Acer predator triton (pricey but slim and light, has a 1080 and 32gb ram, good keyboard for 3d modelling)
Gigabyte Aorus (get the 1070 version not the 1080, 7820cpu)
Asus ROG Strix 503 (great value all-rounder)

If you can go with a 17" they tend to be better (but very heavy)- nicer keyboards, bigger screen, better battery, less heat, etc.

MSI are pretty good too. I think their 17" has a numpad?

I have a desktop PC, but I started out with a Quadro. Wasn’t working out so I bought what I thought would be a suitable GeForce card. Eventually, I was really struggling with a big model whenever I would turn on shadows, it would balk upon trying to orbit. That’s when I found a post here to go to to research cards. I started out thinking that a card meant for CAD workstations was the best I could do, hence the Quadro, but a good gaming card is FAR better for SU. I currently have the GTX 760 and have been very happy with it. Use that site to find the best balance between price and performance!

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