Which machine is best? For sketchup

I am going to buy a new machine for sketchup and vray, photoshop and autocad, Which machine should i buy?

A windows or mac?

If mac, which one?
If windows, confiq?

The first question to ask, is how much budget are you ready to spend? Do you want a workstation notebook or a desktop computer?

There are always tradeoffs, so you need to think about your personal idea of “best”. What aspects of which apps are the most important to you? What background do you have on Windows vs Mac, and does that lead you to a preference for how one vs the other works? As @VahePaulman wrote this includes best for your wallet, as a Mac will usually cost more.

These days, almost regardless of what you do, it is best to get the most RAM memory. 16GB is minimum, 32GB is better.

SketchUp itself uses only a single CPU core no matter how many are available, so you will get the best SketchUp performance from a computer with the highest single-core speed in its CPU. I don’t use AutoCAD, but have seen the experts here say that despite advertising it also uses multiple cores only for limited non-foreground tasks. But rendering apps often use multiple cores and will benefit from more cores.

SketchUp needs a decent Graphics adapter, but beyond a certain point there is little incremental benefit. A high-end gamer system is not necessary. The NVidia GTX 1050 and 1060 seem to be stable and good-performing choices. Intel integrated graphics are to be avoided (or at least supplemented with a separate graphics adapter), as there are numerous and recurring problems with their OpenGL drivers. Radeon cards are usually ok, though their record is less consistent than NVidia.

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Hello and if I may add in, I have a new one (laptop) on the way and a verbal fight broke out between my friend I am doing gaming work with. He swears his 4 years researching graphics cards for the machines he purchased just for gaming make him an authority. He was spitting out things about CUDA’s amounts, 14 nm FinFET process—notably not TSMC`s 16FF+ node( yeah ???) and how laptops basically S__K for this work flow. And are a waste of money. Even every Full Sail student gets a laptop and find out they are weak and a waste… blah, blah, blah…

I mentioned that a desktop is best for DEVELOPING a COMPLETE game, I have on my desktop:
SketchUP Pro, Kerkythea, Unity, Un-Real, Visual Studio, Blender (will be removing) Krita, Paint.net and Ink Scape. Rhino5 and some Autodesk plug-ins. These are just for game development them add Steam and the rest of the junk that drags along and yes you need a workstation / desktop. So yes he has a foundations to his rant…

My new laptop top has I7 7th gen 7700 16G RAM and the 4G GTX 1050 GPU and he failed to hear I only want S-UP, Kerkythea and the 2D Art software Krita, Paint.net // Ink Scape on it. I have a 1Tera external drive I transfer all work to desktop with. I also run by HDMI my laptop into my 42" Visio and the graphic card helps. OR if you use 2 small 24 ~ 27 inch monitors. My old Laptop only had Intel`s I3 core and without the extra GPU made line jitters and other performance issues a butt ache.

Without a laptop I would be doing / adding Facebook, Hulu, YouTube plus I don`t have any Cable/TV service, just internet. adding 20 hours a week extra to my desktop that it is all I have. Then if it dies I am stuck, and I do enjoy going to the library. To work and do tutorials as it gets me out of the house and is a refreshing take while studying the same things. Being around other oriented people. So the mobility factor needs to be considered.

You sound like we share the same needs and keep it mind they are just that. And advice is good but is usually biased as it reflects the needs or requirements from the person offering it. I won’t say who`s or the price I am paying, but Win10 Pro is included, 2 Tera 16G RAM GTX 1050 (pushes $105 retail) and a SketchUp Pro licenses. I am stepping passed hobbyist…that is something you need to add into it.

Worstation notebook,
1.5-2 l

Does anyone know the ratio of Windows to Mac installs of SU?

I am curious as nearly all the SU tutorials show the MAC interface,

and knowing there are SU interface differences is it the most dominant OS used with SU.


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