Best computer for Sketchup

I’m interested in what computer is best for Sketchup Pro. Need to buy as new one and Google search in overwhelming. I currently use a PC and wondering if moving to a Mac is worth the pain to learn new system. Have seen a few people say Mac Book Pro is best for SketchUp. I’m a Designer so will be using for business.

I moved your post to the correct category. HAve a read through this category. All of this has been hashed over repeatedly.

Thank you

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nope. it’s not. absolutely no reason to jump ship, especially if you’re not already efficient on it.
there is nothing here a mac can do a pc can’t.

It’s really a matter of faith. some people eat their fries with mayo, other ketchup. some people drive stick other not. some people prefer macs other pcs.

but as a general rule of thumb, they are overall equivalent. In the 3d world, one could even advocate PC have the upper hand in rendering solutions.

Don’t buy a mac just because ads say it’s THE machine for the job you do, buy a computer you are confortable using. that is the most important thing.


I love using my space mouse and cad mouse. 3Dconnexion has a driver ready to install the moment Sketchup comes out with a new version (but only for the PC). I wouldn’t want to wait for months every year for the Mac version. This is one of many reasons I run Windows. I have software written 20 years ago that runs fine on Windows. With a Mac I would have to pay for software upgrades just to keep up on a Mac as Apple drops support for older software everytime they come out with a new version.
I can buy a powerful PC for way less than the cost of a Mac.
So - I feel like I will never buy a Mac

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