Gtx 1060 or quadro m1000m

I am an architect student who want to buy a new laptop for sketchup and photoshop and blender cycle rendering etc.
Since I am using an vaio with an i3 2310m chip without an integrated gpu. I think I can get any of laptop with an i7 chip will dramaticaly improove for my workflow.
Now that I finally came across that my models freeze every time I want to pan and wait for few second. So that why I am thinking to buy a new one.
my buddget is arround 1500$(150000¥ jp)
I found a loptop dedicated for “creators” with a quadro m1000m
and a gaming laptop with a gtx1060
both have
i7 6700hq
16gb ram
ten key keyboard
full hd mat 15.6 inch screen

both cost almost the same. but I don t know about the performanse. any advice which one to buy?
btw any software is suggesting both card is ok.

I would like to know if the m1000m will outperform the gtx1060. in some way.

On the contrary: the gtx1060 is far superior. The m1000m is even slower than a 950m if this site is correct:

Only use Quadro’s if the software specs really advice to go for it. I doubt this will be the case for Photoshop, Blender etc. Maybe for Revit?

stability of the OpenGL support of the driver for mid-range/high-end 3D CAD modelers maybe but surely not performance-wise: Quadro M1000M vs. GeForce GTX 1060

So if I do care more about the performance but not the stability I better go for the gtx 1060.
if I am getting the same stability as well as when I use the intel chip with a more complex models it is fine for me to get the gtx then.

Thank you!
it looks like performance is much greater with gtx1060 I believe.

There are app like vectorwork which I am using who even suggest to not buy expensive quadro card but the gtx card one which works fine. Some firm I went for the intern also told me the same thing too.
Should I trust the people who sales or the software maker?
I rather want to know if there are people who are choosing between those two card…

forget the Quadro series, made for the heavyweight 3D NURBS modelers as Dassault Catia, PTC Creo (formerly Pro/E), Siemens NX (formerly Unigraphics) etc. which do require certified drivers with an advanced OpenGL support.

I only had to read your thread title to be able to say, as sketch3d_de said, forget the Quadro.

thank you sketch3d_de
I believe I was concidering in a wrong way.
I ll go for gtx 1060.