GeForce GTX 960M v. Quadro M1000M

I need a new notebook. My budget is very limited but, with some help from my parents, I could get a laptop with a discrete graphic adapter. So, what graphic card is better for SketchUp?

  1. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2 GB GDDR5
  2. NVIDIA Quadro M1000M with 2 GB GDDR5


Rates the 960M at 1701 (overall rank 165)
and the M100M at 1588 (overall rank 175)

This is their comparison (but it lacks much information for the M1000M. Notice also the number of samples is low for the Quadro.)[]=3349&cmp[]=3176

Do a search here on Quadro, and you may see people having issues, as compared to the GTX.

I would think that for SketchUp use, there is no advantage for using a Quadro card over a GeForce one. GeForce cards usually give more “bang for the buck”.

I have a low-end GeForce in my ultrabook, an old Quadro in my desktop, a lowish-end mobile Quadro in my work laptop and a (nowadays)middle-of-the-road Quadro in my work desktop. None have had any troubles that a driver update wouldn’t fix. In the past, GeForce drivers have had some troubles (with Fast feedback, for instance) that didn’t occur with Quadros but recent drivers have tended to work for both.


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