Laptop or desktop


I have just downloaded Sketchup 2016. I have only been using Sketchup for a little over a year. I am a landscape designer, where we specialize in hardscape projects, so I have found Sketchup to be a very valuable
with our presentations to our clients. My company is thinking of purchasing a new computer for my needs. I currently am using my own laptop, a Dell XPS 17 2ND generation . I know the graphic card is not ideal, being a NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M 3GB with optimus. I also know I cannot upgrade a graphics card in my laptop. Any information if I would be better off getting a laptop, or, perhaps a desktop, so if I need to upgrade anything in the future, as Sketchup changes each year. I rarely have used my laptop for presentations at the clients office or home. Also, any recommendations on a graphics card would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Happy Turkey Day to all!

Reccomended laptop
Hardware Purchasing Advice For SketchUp & LayOut [wiki]

for the budget, desktop is always best bang for the buck.
graphics card, just some GTX lines from NVIDIA will do. SketchUp doesn’t really support ATI cards well.

I currently own XPS 8800 which i bought 3 years ago, still runs well with some upgrades that I have done.