Graphic card issue

Old laptop with graphic card issue on 2017 free version, and above probably. Is there a cheap way around it. Or is a new laptop needed to overcome.

Go to the website of the manufacturer of the “that’s the problem” graphics card, download and intall the latest compatible driver. Then you’ll know. If it is an integrated graphics chip, you can also switch off “Use Fast Feedback” in the Preferences>OpenGL window and restart SketchUp.

What version of Windows are you using now?

Hi guys. Thanks for your responses.
the set up I have is as follows.
Currently using Sketckup 2014 but 2017 is the target.
Windows 10 is current (windows says the pc wont handle windows 11.
Toshiba satellite C660-108.
Integrated graphics card Intel(R) HD Graphics OPEN GL 2.1 (Sketchup says it needs OPEN GL 3.0 or better.
Driver for card is which a check says is the latest.

Might all be a lost cause but thanks for your interest.
Anssi, I will try your suggestion and let you know.
Regards Roderick
P.S is an external graphics card an option you have knowledge of?

I’d not go that route with your “Toshiba satellite C660-108” laptop. That’s a pretty old laptop and not worth spending the $$ on for an external graphics dock. I recently built 2 external graphics docks for 2 coworkers but they had new laptops that just needed some more power and to free up shared memory.
I’d find a new or newer laptop if I were you.


Thanks for your reply. Think you are right. I need a new pc.

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Good luck on the purchase.

Thanks, thats a mindfield in its one right, good luck is essencial. :rofl:

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Well there’s no magic to it and no magic solution either. Set a budget and then research to see if you can find a good spec’d laptop to fit that budget.