Recommended Graphics Card

Hello. I`m going to buy an external gpu for my laptop. I want to Know what graphics card mus i buy to run Sketch up in the best way. I have heard that Sketch up need a Card for Open GL, but i don’t know.

Could you please recommend me?. Thank you

My laptop is a i7 GEN12, 16 gb Ram with Thunderbolt4

Probably what you want is a Nvidia GeForce RTX card, one of the high-end models. the external box and the card might cost almost the same as a full laptop with Nvidia graphics.

Thank you

A couple of years ago, I used a Sonnet Breakaway Box and an 1080 gfx card with my Thinkpad P51 laptop. It worked fine although you will loose some 10% performance of the gfx card due to this setup. Which gfx card you need depends on the complexity of your models and budget.

But first, better check if your laptop really uses the optimal Thunderbolt speed because some brands don’t and people run into ‘bad’ gfx performance.

See here in the ‘builds’ section

thank you very much