Is there a list of supported graphics cards?

I am shopping for a new laptop and it seems they all have a different graphics card. I haven’t bought a computer in years, so it’s all greek to me.

I read that Intel graphics cards are a problem. Is that still true? Are all the nVidea cards ok? Any help much appreciated!

Thanks everyone for your replies. I just ordered an HP laptop with ht Nvidia MX450. Not top-of-the-line, I know, but it fit my budget and I think it will work with Sketchup.

Integrated graphics cards are typically not great. Nvidia cards and their drivers have historically been the best at supporting OpenGL. I think at this point something in the GTX20xx range will be the go to. More graphics card RAM will be good. And when you get the computer your first step even before installing SketchUp should be to go to the Nvidia site and get the latest drivers.

Something that is not SketchUp specific, but I know with Adobe and others that some abilities are better supported on RTX boards versus GTX boards. In some cases features are only available for RTX. If you see two comparable systems and one is slightly more expensive, but comes with RTX, that would be worth considering.

Here’s an article about the differences between the two:

If you plan also to run rendering applications, especially V-Ray, Nvidia graphics are preferable. V-ray and some others can use your graphics card as a rendering computer, producing results faster than with only your CPU available. Typically these solutions require a Nvidia card.

I would look for a “gaming” laptop with a Nvidia graphics “card”(laptop graphics are not usually upgradeable). The “workstation” laptops with Nvidia Quadro graphics are very much overpriced, especially if you want the same performance. However, I chose my newest laptop mostly for its portability, and found that my rather small models run quite OK with only Nvidia MX250 mobile graphics. SketchUp itself is rather CPU-intensive.

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