Graphics card for sketchup



Could i get laptop graphics card recommendations for Sketchup 2018? Any & all information & advice would be appreciated.


You’ll need to fill out your profile a little better. My current laptop has integrated graphics and cannot be changed. I have no slots available for a second graphics card.


Depends on what laptop you have as most can’t handle non-integrated cards. Even if the laptop can handle 3rd part cards it’s usually restricted to certain types rather than any desktop card.


Very few laptops can have a retrofitted graphics card. The options available for you can be found at the webpages of your laptop manufacturer. The options are usually limited. If you have a choice, go for a Nvidia card. Ati/AMD cards also seem to work better these days, but their driver support history is somewhat flaky.


In my opinion You should watch gaming laptops with Nvidia graphic cards.

For example:


I was in the supermarket a few hours ago and saw some really Good Dell and Asus gaming laptops for cheap (relatively, £700).

Not sure where you are @iclifton but some good deals in Germany/Scandinavia at Media Market:


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