SketchUp with Intel graphics

Hi all. I can’t use the sketch up with the intel board… someone knows something about it to help me, please? Thanks

Intel and other integrated graphics are not recommended for use with SketchUp because the OpenGL support is poor at best. You might find that turning off Use Fast Feedback in Preferences>OpenGL helps. It’s worth a try but you might need to get a suitable graphics card.

Thanks! I"ll try it.

The following errors were found when launching SketchUp:

  • Hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card. SketchUp requires that you use a hardware accelerated graphics card.

Unfortunately, these errors will prevent SketchUp from running. Updating your graphics card drivers might fix the problem.

So… the sketch didn’t open to configure it. :frowning:

That message tells you that your graphics card is not suitable for SketchUp. You might try updating the drivers from Intel but most likely you will need to upgrade or replace the computer.

This is a big problem… because it’s the office computer… that’s not mine… I’ll try updating the drivers… thanks.

You might need to have the office get you an appropriate computer.

Here in Brazil it’s not so easy, but I’m trying… thanks!

Good luck.

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In continuation of the discussion above, can someone tell me a graphics card that works best for SketchUp? Also i love the graphics of clash of clans (coc) game. You may check this free coc accounts guide to get free coc accounts.


nVidia GeForce GTX or the new RTX series, the GTX 1050 Ti is the entry level model which does consume 75W directly from the PCIe slot and therefore should fit in more or less every desktop system besides the micro systems (intel NUC etc.).

[ Performance Comparison ]

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