Is my computer good enough...? :)

Hello all!

I love using Sketchup mainly for woodworking. I’ve recently had to switch computers with my son, and Sketchup Make 2017 crashes every time I try to open it. Some details below, but frankly this is not the newest computer. I read the minimum hardware requirements, which I seem to meet. I’ve also updated my driver for my graphics card. Is the computer just not good enough, or is there someone out there that can help me out? I need my fix!!!


  • Windows 8 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5-3337U CPU @ 1.8GHz
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 666 GB of total disk space / 613 GB free disk space
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card with 1792 MB of total memory & 32 MB of dedicated video memory.

Thanks in advance!!!

Have you submitted BugSplat reports when it crashes? If you did so, including an email, the Trimble team should be able to tell you pretty exactly where the problem lies. The most likely candidate is the Intel HD Graphics 4000 and its drivers. That graphics is notorious for bad support of OpenGL and for causing SketchUp to crash. Otherwise so long as you keep your models reasonable size, the computer should be able to run SketchUp 2017.

If it isn’t a laptop, you would get faster and almost certainly much more reliable operation with a modern nVidia graphics card - something from the 10xx series, perhaps 1050 or 1060.

Alternatively, you could try downgrading to Sketchup Make 2016, which is much less demanding of top quality OpenGL driver support, and can at a pinch run just using the CPU (turn off Hardware Acceleration in Window/Preferences/OpenGL).

You can still download this from official sources at SketchUp Make 2016 : Download Links

Thanks for the help guys! I have submitted bugsnag reports every time it happened. I also tried downgrading to 2016. That worked… but it won’t open any files I started in SU Make 2017. So I’m at the point where I think a new computer is the only answer.

Does anyone know if the AMD Radeon R4 graphics card with up to 4190 MB total graphics memory would be good enough to handle SU Make 2017? (If it helps - I use SU for woodworking projects. The files are rarely large.)


You can upload your 2017 files to the 3dwarehouse, and download them in 2016 format, while you think about a new computer.

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