Sketchup Make crashes everytime HELP!

I just downloaded Sketchup Make. I need it for my school project but I just cant use it because it crashes everytime like 2-3 minutes into using it. Literally everytime. I need to use this program so please help.
I reinstalled it once. I uploaded my graph card driver. I dont know maybe there is a program or smth running in the background that interferes with sketchup. But I need help
My system is.
i7 5500u
geforce 840M
8 gb ram
windows 8.1

Typically reports like this are solved by going to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and turning off Hardware Acceleration. Try that to start.

oh thanks for the reply
am i gonna do that from control panel?
OH sorry i did it from the sketchup itself. lets see if this will work

YEs. From the Window menu in SketchUp.

i was about to write that it was working just fine until it crashed again but this time it came with a crash window of sketchup. i said send error report and it said it may be graphic card related and advised me to download the 32 bit version.
what is the difference between the two?

Update your graphic driver.

Being that you are using a laptop, by default the computer uses the integrated graphic chipset to save on battery use. To over-ride that, check that you enabled the graphic card to be used when running SU through the Nvidia control panel’s 3D menu.

If the 64-bit version of SU isn’t running right, uninstall SU and install the 32-bit version. This version may bypass issue with the 64-bit graphics card driver.

i will check that out and see how it goes. also when i right click sketchup it says run with high performance nvidia processor. would selecting that help?
thanks a lot for your interest btw

I have a desktop, but if there’s an option to choose Nvidia resources from r-click menu on SU startup, it sounds good.

if you want to be more systematic to find out exactly what the problem is, then try one thing at a time and restart SU. R-clicking on empty desktop area should get you an option to access Nvidia control panel. Otherwise it’s found via Start > Control Panel - at least in Win7.