SketchUp keeps crashing with a BugSplat

Hay if anyone can help me please, Sketchup crashes on me for no apparent reason, this happens every time i use it and i can be using any tool or doing nothing, it seems to be a random time issue, I have a brand new laptop running windows 10 and a radeon r5 m320 graphics card? i think, my old lap top as slow as it was never had this issue, i have tryed to uninstall and reinstall many times but nothing seems to fix it, from all the related issues i have found it might be a hardware acceleration issue? but its not changeable with mine (or at least i dont think it is) I have sent the bug spat report as it suggests (many times) but received no help. Please Help Me…

There have been other reports of this sort of behavior and in the majority of cases it has been linked to the graphics card. Open SketchUp and immediately go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and turn off Hardware Acceleration. See if the behavior changes. You should also check for updated drivers for your graphics card.

I’m having the same problem, disabling hardware acceleration didn’t solve the problem, and my graphic card driver is up to date, Sketchup crashed about 10 times in half an hour, there’s really no possibility to do anything significant!

cool ill give this a go, found update for card so will sort that aswell, thanks

Good luck, Sean. I hope those things help.