Sketchup constantly crashing

i have the trial version of sketchup and it seems to crash after about 10 minutes ive tried reinnstalling and it still crashes not sure what to do and i dont think its a specific thing im doing that causes the crash it runs smoothly until it crashes

Are the crashes generating BugSplat reports, and are you submitting them to Trimble for analysis? They can inspect the reports and determine what is causing the crash.

This kind of behavior very often is due to shortcomings with the OpenGL driver and/or graphics hardware in your computer (AMD graphics are known to have some issues). You can test this theory by disabling hardware acceleration in the OpenGL settings in SketchUp’s preferences. If that makes the problem go away, that is proof. Check with AMD website and see if there is an updated driver for your graphics card.

The second most common cause is a misbehaving extension. Do you have extensions/plugins installed? If so, you can try disabling them to see whether that solves the issue.

@slbaumgartner is correct. From the way you are describing the issue, it sounds like it is an OpenGL issue. When SketchUp crashes, did you have a chance to submit a bugsplat? If you did, I should be able to verify if it is an OpenGL issue quite quickly. Please let me know if and when you sent in your bugsplat.

hey i did submit the bugsplats after a bit of messing around with the
settings i got it to work by turning down the cpu maximiser (forget what
its called)