SketchUp Constant Crashing

SketchUp is constantly crashing within seconds of opening. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my computer, trying Make and the trial version of Pro…nothing is working. This has been happening for days now and I can’t do anything in the program. Please help!

Are you getting Bug Splats? Have you been sending them in with your name or e-mail address?

Typically this sort of behavior ends up being caused by the graphics card. Your profile indicates Intel graphics and Intel GPU are well known for poor support of OpenGL which SketchUp requires. Will SketchUp stay open long enough to let you go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and disable Use hardware acceleration?

You might also see if there’s a GPU driver update available and install it if there is.

disabling hardware acceleration seemed to work. THANK YOU!

That’s good and you’re welcome. that is a sure indicator that your graphics processor isn’t up to the task, though. If it can be replaced, you might want to consider that.

It’s probably a 2015 MacBook Air or iMac. You can’t replace the graphics processor in a MacBook. I think with iMac it depends on the specific model.

Good point, Steve. I looked at the GPU info but not the OS.