Crashes, closes without warning

hi iv only recently downloaded sketchup make but from the start its had a problem with closing without warning. it comes up saying something about the window has stopped working and windows has stopped it then it closes. the most it has lasted is about 5-10 mins. even tho iv only just started playing with the program i do like it as its simple, clean and easy to use which is y im trying to get it fixed as im new to 3d printing.

i cant seem to see any rhythm to the crashes as iv always been doing something different when it its happened, from scrolling to creating circles to resizing to move an object.
iv tried removing and reinstalling progam still same problem.
out of all the crashes only once has the bug splat window came up and i did send an error report
any ideas???

commonly when we see this kind of thing, the crashes are due to the GPU not supporting OpenGL properly. Try disabling Hardware Acceleration under Window>Preferences>OpenGL and see if that has any impact. Intel HD graphics cards have been notorious for poor OpenGL support.

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@jt1986 Joe, did you see a BugSplat! window ? If so, send in the reports.

The “squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

it seems to have worked for the moment, been playing with it for alittle while and no problems so far but time will tell. thanks for you help

Just so you are aware, turning off hardware acceleration is the test for whether your graphics card and/or its driver have inadequate OpenGL support, but set that way SketchUp’s performance will suffer greatly. If this setting “cured” your crashes, you should seriously look into updating the driver and/or getting a different graphics card (if possible for your computer).

not able upgrade card as running on laptop and lastest drivers installed. i know dropping acceleration would slow graphics considerably but as as i was only using for basic 3d printing projects hoping it will do me for now.
even tho the graphics are turned down it still working to a level im happy at as its just sketched then pulled up atm.
if my system cant stay stable with the graphics turned down i will just have to go hunting for a new program again. found a few that work on my system by not as beginner friendly as this one which is y i hoping for a simple answer.