Sketchup stop working and close without warning

I upgraded to Sketchup 2016 a week ago but it will crash and close and disappear a short time after I start using it.
Dell Inspron 17, 7000 series 16GB memory.
Already uninstalled and re installed it still a problem.
I have been using Sketchup 2015 with out problems.
Every thing I did will be gone.
Please help

Nearly every time this sort of problem has been reported in the past, the problem has been traced to the GPU. Open SketchUp and immediately go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and disable Hardware Acceleration. Does the crashing stop? If so, you can look into updating the graphics driver.

Your profile indicates your graphics card as “Dell 16GB”. That isn’t describing your graphics card, though. Please tell us what GPU is actually in your computer.