SketchUp 2016 closes unexpectedly (No Splat/Win10/Nvidia GTX745)

HI, I’m using sketchup pro 2016 64 bit. I have decent computer. Dell gaming computer with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 display, window 10, and 16 gb ram. Yeah, Im working with a sketchup file with 24 mb size. My problem is, whenever I use it it will closes unexpectedly without bugsplat. It says, application having problem like that… Could you pls help me urgent.

Some recommend disabling Hardware acceleration for OpenGL in Window/Preferences/OpenGL. Try that.

hi sir, how to do that? pls give me the steps

got it sir… but is okay that the speed is like logging?

If it is not crashing anymore then it has something to do with the graphic card. Maybe try to update the driver ? Then try to check back the hardware acceleration.

ok sir I will try. Thanks alot.