Sketchup Make 2016 crashing repeatedly

Worked fine until a few hours ago. Now it crashes every 1-3 minutes. Everything triggers it. If I save, it will sometimes save sometimes crash. If I switch tools it will sometimes work it will sometimes crash. If I move my view, the same. If I move an object, the same.

Driving me crazy. Haven’t updated anything aside from downloading an extension, however I downloaded that well after the issues began.

R9 390X, 6700k, Win 10, 16GB.

Pls help.


Same ol’ thing. AMD Drivers.

Disable Hardware Acceleration.
Window > Preferences > OpenGL
Restart SketchUp.

If it stabilizes, see if you can find a driver release that doesn’t crash SketchUp.
It may be an older release. It might be a beta (sometimes called a “Hotfix”) release that you can only get in the AMD forums.
(The goal will be to get Hardware Acceleration back on.)

If you are running 64-bit SketchUp, and you just cannot get things stable,
uninstall the 64-bit edition and install the 32-bit edition.

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