Sketchup Pro 2016 keeps crashing

I’ve been using SU for a very long time, but since a week or so, it keeps crashing.
I’ve been sending my crash reports (info@fili…)
I tried solutions from other threads as repair, reinstalling, using the 32-bit version, but it doesn’t seem to work.
Any suggestions?

There have been some reports of OpenGL problems with the AMD Radeon drivers that WIndows 10 installs. Have you tried backing off to an earlier version of the drivers? Also, did you install or update any SU extensions recently? If so, try removing them.

Dear slbaumgartner,
Sorry to say that using an old version of an early version didn’t solve the problem.
I’m not using plugins or extensions.

It seems that recently there have been quite a few report in the last week or so of frequent crashes related to AMD Radeon drivers on Win 10. It would seem that the drivers are screwed up. Have you tried uninstalling the Radeon drivers altogether and then installing an older version.

I removed the driver, and it still crashes. I’m not sure I know how to reinstall the driver though…
I’ll give it a shot.

Reinstalled driver, new crash…

Look for a program called PlayTV and remove it. See if that changes things. A user on Sketchucation who was having the same problem suddenly found this program had been installed automatically right before the crashes started. Removing it stopped the crashes.


Removing PlayTV did the trick! Thanks a lot!

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