pro2015 crashing after recent upgrade to window 10

Has anyone had problems in win10?
I got a message on first crash saying it may be the open GL settings or corrupt su registry.

I have reinstalled 2015 but have same problem, windows log events show bugsplat but no data.

SU crashes a few minutes after starting since yesterday, last time i used it was on the 18th Aug with no problems

windows was upgraded after the 18th.

Any ideas where to start trouble shooting would be appreciated, I have had 0 replies to bug splat reports as yet.

Thanks David

You don’t have your system info on your forum profile, so I will make an educated guess. OpenGL issues have to do with your graphics driver, which may need updating in general and updating for Win 10.

AMD or NVidia?

The general test for driver issues is: in SU go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable Use hardware acceleration. Restart SU. If the problem goes away, then update the driver from manufacturer website to get the latest version.

Do you have any plugins installed?

If any other SketchUp folks look for it, one example is id=338858. HD Graphics 4400? You can check settings here:

And you reinstalled 15.2.685 - current is 15.3.xxxx
And the report I looked at says “Windows 7”, not “Windows 10”. Is that correct, or is the report getting to Bugsplat wrong?

Thanks for the reply everyone, I disabled hardware acceleration and it
seems to be running ok.

In regards to bug splat:
My system was windows 8.1 but recent upgrade to 10.
AMD Radeon R5 M240 graphics with latest drivers.
I installed build 15.0.9350 which upgraded by itself to 15.3.331

Have been running su for a few years and never had a problem that did not
fix itself
I have been getting some display driver notifications on other programs so
not sure whats going on.

I will for now keep testing to see if it will crash
Thanks for your advise and have a wonderful day!

That’s not what the bugsplat said. I’ll crash a Win8.1 and 10 machine to confirm. Is it a laptop with 2 graphics cards? Is it one of these: ?

ps - I’ve contacted David directly, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of this. Once we’ve figured it all out, I’ll post here.

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Disabling hardware acceleration means SU is not using the graphics drive.
Instead the CPU is doing all the work.

The last few months there have been a lot of issues with AMD drivers,
especially Win 10 with 64- bit version of SU 2015 installed.

I am having similar issues SU-M 2016 crashing win 10 (usually on filesave) w AMD FirePro 4700

Same problems after upgrade to W10. Graphic card AMD Radeon R5 with latest software upgrade. Hapens every 5 or 10 minutes => anoying. Is there a fix without disabling?

Try installing 32-bit version of SU. That has bypassed some bugs in the 64-bit AMD driver for some cards. Report this driver issue with AMD support.

Thanks, I’ll try that out!

The 32-bit SU-installer did not allow installing SU on my 64 bit AMD.

You didn’t have the ability to install in C:\Program Files (x86) - the home location for 32-bit programs? And did you r-click on the installer and choose to run as administrator?

what does this mean exactly, you should elaborate for getting help.

I downloaded the SU 32 bit version for Win10. When installing the installer guide poped up a window telling me that the operating system is a 64 bit system (please download the 64 bit version of SU and try again) and the installation was aborted.
As I’m not an advanced user regards to hardware/CPU’s/operating systems etc my plan will now sadly be to try to re-install the Win 8.1 version that works fine.

Used the possibility to go back and reverse to Windows 8.1. Now SU works fine again. No crashes.

32-bit installers of applications (not drivers) typically do work fine in connection with 64-bit operatings systems.

the 32-bit installer of SketchUp is claiming to uninstall an existent 64-bit version of SketchUp before an installation of the 32-bit version can be done, i.e. a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the same SU main version cannot coexist at the same system.

Besides an error of the 32-bit installer; the installation of SU v2016 x32 should work under W10 if no SU v2016 x64 is installed already.

Thanks for the information and for your answers. Guess I should have un-installed the 64 bit first, then install the 32 bit version, however the installer complained about the 64-bit operating system, guess the message could have been clearer.
Why would the SU 32-bit be more stable together with W10 than the 64-bit? Is that confirmed in any way? Is it a well known fix?

The answer was given above. It is the AMD 64-bit Graphics Driver that has bugs.

I doubt this, at least here the installer is claiming the 64-bit version of SU. And many others did already have installed SU x32 under W10 x64 succesfully for fixing issues with the AMD Radeon/Crimson x64 driver.

Ok, I won’t challenge you about that, you are surely right. Thanks for supporting me! Case closed for now.