pro2015 crashing after recent upgrade to window 10

Same problem with Sketchup 2016. My laptop have two graphic chips. One Intel low performance and low power, one Nvidia Geforce 610M. If I start Sketchup 2016 on the Nvidia, it crashes (don’t appears but loaded in memory, impossible to kill, login out gives a black screen, only a hard reboot work) . It is working fine on the Intel card.
Latest Nvidia driver (3/28/2016 v.364.12) and my Nvidia 610M is supposed to support OpenGL according to Nvidia document. It was working on Windows 7. I guess I will have to keep it running on the Intel

Is Windows 10 somehow fundamentally so much superior to Win 7 or 8 that people want to upgrade? The nag screen prompts me daily to upgrade, but I haven’t yet stumbled into anything that would require Win10 to work. On the contrary, i have a scanner, printer, USB TV etc that I very much suspect of not working there, at least not without considerable hassle.