SketchUp Pro 16 crashes when I go to save, every time

Sketchup Pro 16 crashes when I go to save, every time

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Check your graphic card driver.
Saying you don’t have one in your profile doesn’t help us to help you.
Test to see if your graphic card is the problem by going Window/Preferences/OpenGl and untick Use Hardware Acceleration.

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I have SU Pro 15 and a GPU AMD FirePro V3900 ATI FireGL V. I have done a clean reinstall of Windows 10 and SU and the GPU driver. As before, when I Save or Save as I get a black screen; a message the AMD has stopped responding and has the revived, all followed by a white screen (not responding) that will last until I close it with Task Manager. Otherwise all other graphics seem to work without problem so I assume the GPU isn’t comppletely to blame…?!! HELP!!

Recently many users of AMD cards have reported all kinds of problems with SketchUp. Some have found relief by switching from the 64-bit version of SketchUp to the 32-bit one. SketchUp is an application that uses a very large set of OpenGL functions so a faulty OpenGL implementation in your graphics card driver shows soon. OpenGL applications are a minority, most are professional 3D ones so the problems are not as likely to surface in your other software.


Check whether AMD/WIndows update has silently added an app called “plays tv”. They have been bundling this with their driver updates, and it is known to cause SketchUp to crash. Uninstall it and SketchUp should be healthy again.

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SU does use an OpenGL function call to save. That began a few version ago.