SketchUp crashes when I try to print!


I Have been using SketchUp for some years but some problems have occurred in the “2016” and “2017” Pro version.
If I try to print the screen goes black, and the program crashes and I must restart SketchUp all over again.
The same happens when I try to send a drawing from SketchUp to Layout. Layout crashes and have to be restarted.
On the same PC I use Auto Cad without any problems. None of the crashes generate any rapport, what can I do???

This sounds typical of a graphics card issue. What is the graphics card in your computer?

AMD FirePro V4999 (FireGL V) (6CU 480SP SM5.0 800MHz, 1 GB DDR5 4GHz 128-bit)

Perhaps you could add that information to your profile.

If your computer is a laptop, check with your computer’s manufacturer for a driver update for the card and install it. Otherwise check with AMD for an update.

FWIW, SketchUp and AutoCAD use different graphics pipelines It’s entirely possible for ACAD to work fine even if the graphics card drivers need updating.

Yes. SketchUp uses OpenGL while AutoCad, since many years, uses Direct3D/DirectX.


Now I have updated new drivers from ADM, but the problem is still there. Sketchup crashes and have to restart. :frowning:

Sir Overlord,
Did you ever solve this problem?
I have the same.