Pro 2017 crashes when I try to print

Every time I try to print sketchup crashes. AMD FirePro V3900 (FireGL) 1GB mem, Win 10 64-bit

Tried the workaround reg fix. didn’t work.

What specifically is the " Workaround reg fix"?

When you installed SketchUp, did you use Run as administrator from the right click context menu?

Have you checked to see if there are updates for your graphics card drivers and installed them?

Do you get the opportunity to submit a Bugsplat crash report? I don’t see any recent reports with your username in our database. If you can submit a report, I can look it up to help narrow down the issue.


It didn’t go to the bugsplat report. While communicating with printer Sketchup screen goes black and then popup window says sketchup is not responding.

WorkaroundMaxSolidLineWidth.reg came from trouble shooting on website. With AMD card it recommends downloading and running the fie.

I am the administrator of PC…should I still have right clicked run as administrator.
The card has latest drivers installed.

Yes. Being the administrator is not the same as using Run as administrator. You need to use Run as administrator.

I installed as you explained and when I click the print button I set a pop
up window stating "SketchUp (not responding). I then uninstalled and logged
in as administrator and installed with the (Run as administrator) and
program still crashes when I print. I don’t get the bug splat screen for
reporting an issue.
What’s next?

You should not have logged in as administrator before using Run as administrator. You should have used your normal log in for that.

Is SketchUp showing that it is using the AMD graphics card in Preferences>OpenGL?

I installed under (run as administrator) with my normal id. Program still
crashed. So I thought maybe installing under the Administrator id and (run
as Administrator) it might help. Not.
It’s showing the AMD FirePro V3900 (FireGL V) that is installed in

crashes during raster export or printing are very likely to be caused by an incompatible or flaky OpenGL support of the used graphics card driver.

Update the driver if possible, alternatively do a fallback - at least for printing - to SU version 2016 (“File > Save as…”) which allows to disable the Hardware Acceleration (= OpenGL) from “Window > Preferences > OpenGL”.

Updated card drivers. Also did fallback as suggested. Program still crashes
when attempting to print.
Please suggest a reasonable priced graphics card.

in SU 2016 do a “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Disable Hardware Acceleration”, exit and lauch for taking the setting into effect.

nVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti/1060 from Asus or MSI, check space of housing and wattage of PSU before buying.

To clarify, are you saying I should install SU 2016?

if graphics card resp. the driver is incompatible using the SU version 2016 allows a “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Disable Hardware Acceleration” which avoids OpenGL issues by running in software on the CPU (= slow but compatible).

You can install multiple different SU revisions at the same time.

Ordered the 1050ti and 600 watt power supply…sure hope it works!!

I also have an similar card [AMD FirePro V4900 (FireGL V)] and have the latest drivers (Feb 2017).
I am also having similar problems with Sketchup and Layout 2017. I can not print to .pdf using adobe acrobat or bluebeam. Nor can I print to my local brother laser printer. As mgriffit13 reports, the scree goes blank, then white and says Sketchup is not responding.

However, please note that I am not having any problems with Sketchup 8 Pro, even with hardware acceleration turned on.

Is it possible that Sketchup 2017 is at fault? The idea that I have to upgrade to 2018 or buy an nVidia card and pray that either solves the problem does not make me think kindly of Trimble. I may be willing to try reverting to 2016 and turning off hardware acceleration, but as noted above, that is not a problem with Skethup 9 Pro. Is 2016 freely available to owners of 2017?

BTW, my only recourse at this time is to open the files on my laptop, which has a simple nVidia card, and print from there. Not impossible, but not acceptable as a permanent solution.

So the fact you can print the file from another computer implies that it’s not SketchUp, but instead, it’s something to do with the other computer. You might try rolling back the graphics driver to an earlier version to see if it works better.

There isn’t a "SketchUp 9 Pro.

SketchUp 2017 requires a graphics card that is up to the task of proper OpenGL support. Turning off Hardware acceleration was an option to get around feeble graphics cards but that’s no longer possible.

The card you list is an older card. Looking at the AMD site for info on that card and they seem to avoid even talking about OpenGL support.

The sketchUp 2016 Pro license isn’t freely available to SU2017 Pro license holders. You can contact Customer Support to see if they might revert your license to SU2016 Pro but you wouldn’t have SU2017 Pro, then. Whether or not they’d do that, I can’t say. It’s up to them.

If you are not running some plugin that interferes with your printing. the fault lies probably with the AMD drivers.

I too went and looked at the AMD website and it certainly looks like the latest driver for your card is from February.

I don’t use a FirePro, but on the consumer side there were problems with Radeon drivers in the spring, but the later versions from this autumn seem to be better.


Thanks very much for your input. I’ve done a complete erasure and reinstall of the AMD drivers, and have improved the situation somewhat. I can now print smaller sketchup files, but larger, more complex files still crash when printing. I just spoke with tech support, and they have given me a few extra measures to try (when I have time). They also said they would let me downgrade to 2016 if that works (trying a trial version). I will also include an attempt to use an older driver.

Most interesting perhaps is that tech support confirmed there was a recent windows update that messed with graphics card settings and drivers. It might be too late to uninstall these updates, but I think that was the likely cause. I had not had problems before last week, although I hadn’t an occasion to print sketchup for a few weeks.

BTW, I meant Sketchup Pro 8, not 9. I can print even the large files in sketchup Pro 8 and its associated Layout version (3).

Thanks again,

Mark Glen