Display Driver Stopped Responding


I am having problems when I try to print, "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.
I have looked through the Display Driver Fail fixes and having problems with…Window>Preferences>OpenGL. there is nothing to disable. I did try to lower the sampling to 1X but same problem.
Sketchup Pro 2017
OS> Windows 7 Prof, service Pack 1.
graphics card> ATI FirePro V4900 (FireGL V) (driver 11/4/2015, 15.201.2401.0) tried to update to latest driver (12/4/2015) only to corrupt autocad and sketchup. Had to roll back.
attached is APP Hang report.
AppHang Report.txt (25.3 KB)


the option for disabling the hardware acceleration has been removed from the SU 2017 OpenGL settings. The possibility to step down to the 32-bit version - which has fixed problems with the 64-bit OpenGL stack of AMD graphics card in the past - is gone too, i.e. SU 2017 is available as 64-bit version only.

If the recent AMD driver is no option the only way for getting SU 2017 w/o display output glitches would be to swap the graphics card, go for a nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 which is much dast anyhow (avoid so called CAD cards as the nVidia Quadro or AMD FirePro series as well as the AMD Radeon consumer series too).