Sketchup crash on HP Probook 450 with ATI Radeon R5

Notebook HP Probook 450 G3 with ATI Radeon R5 crash with any project, complex or simple. The computer it’s newly factory defaults restored, and initially Sketchup closed suddenly without any bug message.

Once ATI drivers updated, Sketchup report a BugSplash when open, and it’s impossible to open any project.

I disabled Hybrid Graphics in BIOS with the same result.

Can you help me? Thank you in advance

Any plugins installed?

Can you get into SU long enough to go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable hardware acceleration?

No, it’s SU fresh installed, without any plugins.

It’s not possible to disable OpenGL, because SU crash immediatelly. The only solution will be uninstall ATI driver updates (with old drivers SU starts), and try to disable OpenGL.

the 64-Bit of SketchUp can conflict with the OpenGL support of the AMD Crimson driver, use alternatively the SketchUp x32 version.

If an imperfect OpenGL support of the used video driver causes crashes during SU launch, our free ‘OpenGL Config’ support tool for disabling the SU hardware acceleration setting from outside SU might help (no installation: download to desktop > launch).

no spyware/malware/adware of course.

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running SU in a virtualized operating system or with an old core driver of the operating system is counterproductive in the sense of performance and stability of the OpenGL support more or less all 3D modelers are relying on.

in short, maybe an option for cosumers fiddling around but surely not where time is money, i.e. in a commercial surrounding.

Ok, I have uninstalled ATI drivers, downgrading to 14.031 release, opened SU and disabled OpenGL HW acceleration. Now, it seems that SU doesn’t crash.

Thank you for your support.


It would be worth trying the 32-bit version of SU as you may be able to take advantage of what your graphics card offers when it supplies the OpenGL functions. Without hardware acceleration enabled your CPU will be doing all the work.

You also should report this issue with AMD support.