Unable to open sketchup. please help

unable to open sketchup. bugsplat error on startup.
Drivers are upto date.
few days earlier it was working fine.
Crash Report #106831

thanks in advance.

Check what graphic card is used. When I unplug my laptop and it goes energy conservation mode (or whatever it is called) it shuts down the external graphic card and have SketchUp crash on each and every start up. This confused me quite a bit.

Restarting the computer could also work.

i have restarted it several times.
even i uninstalled and reinstalled it.
sketchup is 2018.
and intel Hd graphics 620 and AMD Radeon M5 430 are the graphics cards.
please any help is highly appreciated.

Get into the graphic properties for the AMD card and add SU to the 3d section. Give it a try. If that doesn’t work delete SU from The AMD and add it to the Intel graphic 3D settings. It should work on either one although the Intel has given problems In the past.