Unexpected Closing



sorry for creating a new post as I’ve seen a this posted once or twice but I’m currently running SU15 and over the last 48hours it keeps crashing and closing unexpectedly? Problem is, I don’t get given an option for a BugSplat dialog box to report whats happened, and the last time it crashed I finally got one but wasn’t able to send it/find the report on my laptop.

Please please help, the constant crashing is starting to really do my head in as it’s almost every 5 minutes within opening a file. I’m running a windows 8 64-bit 2 in 1 Lenovo Yoga 500 laptop with 8GB RAM and Intel HD 5500 graphics card.


crashes are stored on your hard drive - I’m not sure where Windows stores them, and I’m remote on a Mac right now. Windows folks?


I’ve tried searching for it on my laptop but it’s just not there - unsure if I’m being dim or they’re hidden. I’ve got the ‘URL’ telling me where to go to find its location but cant find it in the AppData folder


Hidden by default…


Dumbness aside, I’ve found it - apart from sending the bugsplat report is there any other fix?


put something in there so we can find it and get ideas on what’s crashing it. @Barry and @Marc, as we tend to be the ones that peek at these on the forums.


Hi e_shaw-

Some other folks have reported issues with the Intel HD graphics card. You may want to try installing the 32-bit version of SketchUp, because it will interact differently with the video card drivers.