Sketchup 2022 crashing on closing a file

Howdy. I’m using SU 2022 on mac M1 2021 running Ventura. Every time I close a sketchup model file, it causes a crash in SU and brings up a bugsplat, a lot of which I have reported over the last four weeks.
I’m not running any extensions.

Its a little irritating but not stopping workflow - just wondering if there were any known fixes or happening to others? I can see in the forum its come up a few times, but not for quite a number of years and with no solutions.


Make sure you are filling in your details on the bug splat reports so @colin or another team member can identify them. Then they may be able to spot what the issue is.

Thanks, I have been. Noted as accounts@ and bee@ at the address next50architects in the input field.

Please don’t put addresses in public posts, spam bots scoop them up.

I found your 16 bugsplat reports. Other people who had the same crash type added a note about how they were saving to an SMB volume, or to Google Drive. Where are you saving files to?

There is something strange going on though. I see the same crash from people using 2020, 2021, and 2022, but, not 2019 or before. Also, it didn’t start happening until October 29th.

I will get developers to look at the problem in the morning.

Thanks @colin - yes I’m saving to google drive.
It started to happening to me after I reformatted my computer to solve the other issues I was having with sketchup. At that point I was just happy to be up and working again but thought I would reach out now just in case there was a known fix (other than saving to desktop for every file).
I fear my two loves (sketchup and google drive) are just not compatible.

Also when I reopen sketchup after it crashed, often all my toolboxes will have disappeared even though they are showing as ticks in the menu. Clicking on them and unclicking them in the menu doesn’t help.
I need to ‘hide all dialogues’ then click ‘show all dialogues’ to fix the issue. Not a problem, but thought I would mentioned it in case there is some connection.

The dialogs hiding has happened to me once, and I’ve seen at least one other report. I’m not sure if it was going to happen anyway, or if it relates to the crash.

One of the developers has created bug reports for the problem to be investigated.

Same for me, mac m1 ventura, it crash all the time even with very light skp

Finally, i have to think MAC-SU is not a good team