SU 2021 on Mac M1

I am using SY on a Mac with the M1, all software is up to date. SU keeps crashing, usually when I just close a file! This seems like a very simple task, I also had the same problem with the previous SU 2020 version on a different Mac.

Anyone else having this problem?

Does it also happen if you open the ‘Simple template’
and try to save?

Did you install the application correctly?

There have been reports recently about such crashes. Search the forum and you can find ways to fix the installation that @colin has provided. The most common causes, if I recall right, are some bad files left behind from an earlier installation or trying to run SketchUp from the installer .dmg instead of properly copying it into Applications.

Those other cases would crash on launch, or when using materials. This is a crash when closing the file, and Mike has another customer file that does that. Hence the question about closing a simple template.

Moky seems not to have sent in a bugsplat yet, to see if it is the same as Mike’s case.

Yes I believe I installed it correctly.

Did you mean sending bugsplashes when the window pops up? I do that all the time but don’t feel like it ever changes anything.

I had a different bug problem with Thea render and had to install SU completely new into a different folder. Still the same problem.

After a crash when closing a file, reopen SketchUp, and send in the bugsplat. Include your name or email so that I can then find the report.

I put in my contact info once when sketchup crashes every time I simply opened it and never heard back. But will keep doing so.

Only need one new one for now.

Do you use classifications?

Or a style with sketchy edges?

I use simple groups and components only. I do not use sketchy edges. Will send another bugsplasqh once it crashes. It is not consistent in terms of when it happens

Try opening the Styles panel and do a ‘Save Collection As…’ (blue detail button)
Does it work?

Yes I am able to do so. What is your reason behind it and what should it change in terms of the crash?

I had a file with old Styles in it, selecting a style or saving the collection collection would crash SketchUp

This has become an ongoing problem for me. Like half a dozen times a day.

No sketchy styles, a decent number of Rubies which may need paring down. Things had been reasonably stable until the last major update of SU.

The same basic behavior under the last MacOS and the current Mac OS. Intel based machine with 64gb of RAM so that is not the problem here.

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Hi! I’m having these issues of dragging like when I use the rotate tool and it just repeats like a weird trippy.