New computer, fresh SU install, lots of crashes, always losing palettes


I just got a new machine:
Apple M1 Max (Mac Studio) (10 core)
32 core GPU
64gb RAM
Ventura 13.2.1

Using a Samsung 27-inch (1920 × 1080) monitor

SU Pro Version 23.0.396

With the following extensions installed:
Skatter, Artisan, CleanUp3, DopGC, Edge Tools, S4U Make Face, TT Lib2 and VRay

I used to get crashes on my old machine, but that was an old 2016 MBP and it would crash when it just fell over from me trying to do too much.

Now I seem to just do simple things, like open a file or use Skatter and it crashes.

Every time it does so I lose my tool palettes and the information ones (Tags, Entity Info, Outliner etc.) and I have to go SketchUp > Settings > Reset Workspace. Frankly this is a pain in the ■■■■. But it is also incredibly depressing - I got a new computer to have a much more stable working environment, choosing a Mac over a PC for this reason. So I’m really bummed that this is happening.

I’ve been logging all my crashes under the email address attached to this account - I’d be very grateful if someone could shed any light on why this could be happening.


Did you actually install SketchUp 2023? That requires dopening the DMG and dragging SketchUp to Applications.

From what I see looking at reports from other Mac users and my own experience, I don’t think a Mac provides a more stable working enviroment than a PC would.

Please update your profile. It is incorrect now.

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Thank you for sending in so many bugsplats, with good descriptions in them.

Looking at some of the crashes it looks like SketchUp had been open for a few hours, which suggests it’s a specific action that leads to the crash.

The crash type is I think a generic Mac one, and so a wide range of issues could cause the same crash. Quite a few of the reports for that crash type were from us doing internal testing. Some of those crashes related to Live Components, others to do with specific geometry that had problems.

If you were to set the auto save time to 1 minute, and you get a crash, you should then have your actual working file from when it was last saved, and the auto save from only a minute ago. You could send me the auto save file, and whatever you can recall having done in the last minute, and in theory I could repeat those steps and also see a crash happen.

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