Projects Freezing & Crashing

I have updated to SU2024 and my models are freezing when I am trying to move around my model. Sketch has also caused my 2023 MacBook Pro to crash. what is going on looks like we need an update to fix these issues asap.


if you don’t share your file, we can’t rule it out. use wetransfer or dropbox or similar if it’s heavy.

the size is 24661.65kb how would you like me to share it

like I said. using third-party storage and giving the link here :slight_smile:

Your file opened for me in v.2024 with no problems. Some purging can be done, and large textures could be reduced, but othrewise it seems to be OK.
DHK - Joanne Revised.skp (14.3 MB)

did you try moving around and doing a few minor task as it works for a minute after opening and then it just freezes. I am in a new file and that is working fine but I cant start that plan again.

no problem here either.

your profile is a bit vague, what version of macos are you using ?

I was going to suggest that you install all available MacOS updates. Is SketchUp properly installed or are you running it directly from the downloaded DMG file?

I am using a M3 MacBook Pro with the latest sonoma software. The file has literally crashed my computer now.

yeah, ok, please update your profile, we were working under the assumption you had a M1 machine :slight_smile: .

You’re not the first person to report crashes with M3

if you have crash reports from mac os, or bugsplats, you can submit them to @Barry

I dont get the usual crash box, it freezes my computer and then I have to restart the laptop. so I haven’t got a number to give you. 2023 was working fine I updated on Wednesday and now this is happening.

yes, that’s a kernel panic, the same thing they get on the other thread.

when you restart your computer, don’t you get a message like “something happened, your mac had to restart” blah blah blah ? is there a button to know more ?

edit : like that, but not in french :slight_smile:

I’ve received 1 kernel panic and nothing else. I’ve gotten kernel panics in my 20 years of working at SketchUp: early on, I had to stick my laptop in our deep freeze at work to continue. I’ve had 2 replaced on warranty from Apple. A kernel panic is not typically caused by a software program. A graphics program may help expose these issues, but it’s not the root cause.

If you are getting kernel panics, please call Apple Care, or go to your nearest Genius Bar.


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“…caused by a software program.” This can be true on a WinPC. A WinPC has to catch all for a large number of hardware mfg’s. This is why one should keep their Windows DriverStore/drivers updated. On a Mac is 99.9% of the time a software issue - unless one has third-party hardware ported.

I’ve experienced every one of the issues being reported while testing SU2024 (see profile for specs):

  • fragmented transparency and freeze with anti-aliasing set above 0x
  • blackened components until moved or rotated
  • blackened ‘Place 3d text’ (extruded or not) until it is moved
  • freeze when adding materials to the color panel (materials palette)
  • kernel panic

I was going to upload my .panic file but it’s gone after sending to Apple. It’s not in my /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Retired folder, nor can I retrieve it in console or terminal. All I have is my .shutdownStall file related to the kernel panic.

I’ve just gone back to 2023 and I’ll wait for a couple of updates to 2024 when it’s actually functional.

shutdown_stall_2024-04-11-180125_aswMBPM3.shutdownStall.txt (1.3 MB)

Yea, I don’t doubt the other issues, but a kernel panic is a pretty bad thing.

So you got a spindump before the kernel panic? Thanks for the spindump - we’ll see if anything can be gleaned from that. So 2023 is OK? Have you tried 2024 with SketchUp->Settings…->Preferences and select “Use classic graphics engine” and see if that fixes anything? It’d be the same graphics engine as 2023.


I’d quibble that although app software may be involved in triggering a kernel panic, it ultimately indicates a hardware issue or a situation that the OS programmers did not anticipate so the kernel can’t recover from it. When the error is in the app software, the system has ways to take it down without crashing the whole machine.

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quibble away or twaddle. This IS NOT a hardware issue. Period!

Yeah, but what the point in going back to the classic engine on '24? All I get is AO. AO looks somewhat cool and all, but the real benefit of '24 is the speed increase.

it’s called “ruling out things to locate the problem”. short of sending your machine to them, finding the reason usually comes from crash reports, descriptions and trying stuff. :slight_smile:

if you don’t crash with the old openGL, then Sketchup + Metal cause a problem with some M3 chips. it’s fine with M1 and 2
if you still crash with the old openGL then the issue is somewhere else within sketchup 24.