Projects Freezing & Crashing

I stopped alpha testing software updates for others a long, long time ago.

There are more bug fixes in 2024 than 2023. That said, new features, such as the new graphics engine, will no doubt have issues that we haven’t encountered internally or alpha/beta testing. It’s your business and your call what you use. We’ll figure out what’s happening either way. Our internal M3’s can’t reproduce it, but we’ll continue to refine and retry.


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I’m sure you will figure it out. That’s what you get paid for. If you’re trying to tell me your ‘internal M3’s’ can’t reproduce the issues experienced outside of Trimble then that’s just asinine. M3’s shipped to the public late 2023. Trimble/Trimble employees don’t have special, ‘no one else owns these’, M3’s. Call your contact at Apple and get some time released M3’s to perfect you codebase.

I use SketchUp in my business/workflow along with Autocad, Revit, Shapr3D to design, cost, build and sell. I don’t troubleshoot for Trimble. A lot of the comments on these boards from ‘Team Members’ and others who seem to want to play tech evangelists are so silly they’re boring.

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Sorry if I misunderstood, language barrier, but are you saying that the problem comes from our Macbook M3 chip and not from Sketchup, and that we should send them back to Apple?

I’ve had two serious kernel errors after a complete freeze of the Sketchup 2024 window when I was manipulating a 3D model. So I don’t think it’s my Macbook, especially as I work with a lot of other up-to-date architecture software and this is the first time I’ve had this problem.

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If I can’t get this issue sorted asap it’s going to start costing my business money. Use my model on a M3 at Trimble I’m sure you will get the same issue I am having. It’s not like I have the basic MacBook either so it’s not a hardware issue and like I said 2023 was working fine

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there is a funny thing in tech, if the devs can’t reproduce the problem, they can’t fix it. So they ask questions. it’s like medicine really.

and for the moment, we’ve seen what, 5 cases like yours ? 6 ? and many M3 users without issues ? so yeah, it seems to hit only a handful of M3 machines, not the ones they’ve been using since late 2023 though. Maybe they’re lucky. maybe something else is playing a role.

I’ve asked you a simple task. to see if it’s the graphic engine that is at fault or not. takes a minute. and instead you took a minute to rant. So what, the people trying to help you and looking for the reason behind the crash are silly and boring ? Well fine, it’s working well on my machine, I’ll leave you with your problems, they aren’t mine :slight_smile:
But understand that if the people who experience crashes don’t help the devs pinpoint the reason why their machines are crashing running SU24, the devs can’t exactly fix it.

one more for the ignorelist.

then work on 23 for the time being. there is no other solution until the devs find the reason why some M3 machines crash in 24, fix it and release the update. if it’s stable in 23, use it for now. Don’t loose time and money over this.


Changing graphics engine for a software package is a big change. Edge cases where strange things happens will aways occur. I too reverted to the old graphics engine inside SU24, because a few models acted up. You should do that too if that is the solution.

I contacted support and they´r looking at it. Still I am grateful they are modernising the software, and it will eventually be working great.

The softwares that dont have issues are the ones that really dont want to change that much, like Autocad, where I find 2006 to be the best version so far. But then obviously I would not use or pay for any new version of Autocad.

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I see it the same way. Yes, on my M3 Max Sketchup 2024 freezes regularly, not good. Several times this week while I was in presentations with clients. But I’m so glad something is happening with the engine. How long have we been waiting for this. I’m just installing 2023 next to 2024 on my device and can work without any problems like the last years before. And in the meantime, I’m looking forward to the next update. I’m sure the Sketchup team has realized by now that something is wrong here and, as already mentioned, this kind of changeover is no easy task.

Should they have waited for the 2025 release? No, please don’t. This way all developers of extensions are given the time to adapt and most importantly it is a sign to us users that we are moving forward. This are not just small maintenance updates when such a step is taken as a complete change of the engine. I have tried several times in recent years to switch to Rhino, Blender, and similar but always come back to Sketchup. How many times have I been laughed at by professionals for using Sketchup. But at the end of the day, I’m always quicker and always receive comments about how beautiful my drawings are. My Rhino colleagues can’t deliver that.

So relax and be happy that Trimble is working on the engine and taking this product serious. I bet the problem will be solved in a few weeks.

Oh and by the way. Ambient Occlusion is a killer feature for us. Last week we used this for presentations instead of VRay Renders so this saves us time and money in some cases.

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I have the same problem on Sketchup 2024 (using MBP 14 M3 Pro on Sonoma 14.4.1)… my model freezes when I use the X-ray command and my model gets kinda pixelated as in the attached photo… so I think I’m going back to 2023 version until this is sorted out…

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Have you tried if switching to the “classic” graphics engine would remove the freezing?

Let me make the issue at hand as simple as possible:

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I disagree with you. @ateliernab helps selflessly a lot of people

I have some news…

There are a couple of M3 specific issues that I’ve been investigating. One is where transparent areas flicker badly, and another is where the model window stops updating. Both seem to be related to the antialiasing setting.

The model from lpt0901 is a good one for showing the problems. I see another issue with that model too, in that when you close the window and reopen the model again, the Mac cursor will appear to be stuck for a while, and the document area may show as black. Resizing the window makes the model appear, but it won’t take a lot of orbiting to get back to the problem of the model not redrawing.

When the model does appear to get stuck, try resizing the window, and you’ll see that the geometry gets distorted, because the window isn’t updating.

The problems don’t show on M1. Not sure if M2 has the problem. The classic graphics engine also does not seem to have the problem, even on M3.

A work around for the moment is to set the anti aliasing to 0x.


My crashes stopped after I switched to the old graphics engine.

When I switched back to the new one, on a old-fashioned hunch, I could not reproduce the crashing .-)

I’m experiencing the same thing with my MacBook Pro M3 plus. Definitely trying the suggestions tonight.

The anti-alias trick worked for me. Do you think this is just a matter of a new sketchup or Mac update to resolve so we can return anti-alias to 4x? I’m not even sure if it’s critical have the anti-aliasing set to default.

We have a fix for the problem, that hopefully should be in the next update from us. I can’t tell you when that will be released.

I have the same issue with x-ray plug in. Im using MacBook Pro M3 with 2024 SketchUp and whenever I press the key for X-ray its freezes the camera. I can’t use it anything else afterwards. It kind of stay in that way. However I can still select toolbars, but not actual project

Have you read the solutions in this thread? Switch to the classic graphics engine and set anti alias to x0.

SketchUp 2024 is visually freezing on all machines in our studio (every 10 minutes to put a rough number out there). It’s normally afyter just moving around the model (orbiting etc.). The program is still running “normally” in the background. We know this because we can save, reopen, and can see the resulting new position following the orbit. All MAC machines up to date running latest SketchUp version.