Model Crashing Endlessly, it even went black!

Hi Friends,
I am having problems with a site model crashing repeatedly. I have been using it for some time without problems but now it crashes every time I open it. It even into full black out mode! I’m sure there is a lot of “junk” in here but the model is not sooo huge (92MB) and at this point I can’t even keep the model working long enough to strip it down a bit. It’s too big to upload here is a DropBox link. Any help is greatly appreciated.
MacBook Pro Apple 3 Max, 36 GB RAM

No need to double post.

Your other post seemed to be in a LayOut topic, so I will reply here about this file. BTW, your dropbox link is to a folder of smaller files, I got the 93 MB model from the other topic.

You sent a bugsplat in about 5 weeks ago. At the time you were using the first version of SketchUp 2024. The 93 MB model was also made in that version. Can you choose Check for Update from the SketchUp menu, and see if there is a later version you can download?

The earlier version did have problems, especially on M3 Macs, where the scene might stop updating, or turn black.

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