Sketchup project gone black

I am using sketchup on my MacBook and mid way through working on my project it crashed and went blurred and wouldn’t move now the screen is black every time I open it. Please help me this is my final project of uni and is due in 10 days I could cry I’m relatively new to sketchup so not sure if it’s me or if the files now corrupt :sob:

Can you share the .skp file with us so we can try to help you? If it’s largr than 16 Mb upload it to DropBox or We Transfeer and share the link.

Probably a stupid question but how do i upload the file please

If it’s less than 16 Mb just drag the .skp file into your reply. Otherwise, as I wrote, upload it to a file sharing service and give us the link to it.

There is a bug in SketchUp 2024, that we have fixed, and the fix will be in an update. I can’t yet tell you when that update will go out.

For now, go into settings, Graphics, and choose the classic graphics engine, and then reopen your model.

Hi sorry it took so long so i managed to get it working but now whenever i upload any models from the 3D warehouse it crashes:((

Horrible timing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Your model opens and looks ok in 2024.0 (the version you have). I’m not sure why it has a problem for you. Still, the fix I mentioned should make it work for you as well.

One strange thing, the file name is major project sketchup~~~.skp. That means that your original model was named major project sketchup.skp, and each time you worked on the file you opened the backup copy. Normally you would open the original model, and the one with a ~ at the end of the name is only there as a backup, in case the main model file gets damaged.

Did going back to the classic graphics engine make it behave ok for you? If it did, then stay that way for now, and I will let you know when the update is ready to download.

Colin is right. Evidently you keep opening the backup file instead of the original. So you’ve shared the backup of the backup of the backup.

FWIW, it wouldn’t hurt to clean up your model. I fixed incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 12_49_59 PM
… purged unused stuff …
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 12_52_05 PM
This decreased the file size by 62%.

If you don’t need all of the plan views from the imported ,dwg file I would suggest editing the component and erasing any unneeded geometry. Also move the part you are working on close to the origin.

Thankyous so much, when it kept crashing and i had to shut it down it kept creating them, the original doesnt have my updated work on because i kept having to use the backups, thankyous for the help! i believe the original is damaged because that was the one that kept going black screen

3d warehouse also stopped crashing once i switched the classic engine so problem solved appreciate it