Skp file will not open - crashes every time

Can anyone help me here? I have been working on a Skp file all day, I just saved it under a new date, then went to copy and paste a group from an older file, my new file crashed (attached, hopefully) and
will not re-open. Have re-named it, re-started SU, re-started my computer, but no luck.

Will be very glad if someone can open this file for me as I have otherwise just lost a days work.

There is no skb file available
.THE MOVING CO 200128.skp (2.5 MB)

That’s the worse crash in a file I’ve ever seen. I’ll show it to colleagues tomorrow.

Thank you, I hope you can recover it or find out what happened, I don’t think I did anything abnormal to cause it,
but who knows? My client is not very happy with the delay, please let me know asap if it is repairable otherwise

I will have to re-draw it tomorrow.

Appreciate your response and help.

I think that Trent is replying directly to you, but in case not, one thing he was going to ask you to check is for an auto save file. That’s different to an skb.

The auto save file would have the same name as the original, would be a skp, and would be in this folder:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

SideNote: Is there a quick access button in Model Info for this path ?

Don’t know of one, but in Preferences/Files you could click on the folder icon next to Materials, and that would open File Explorer one folder below where the working folder will be, if it exists at the time. Effectively %AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\Materials, then you could click on the lasts SketchUp in the path, to get to where working would be.

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To anyone that is interested, below is the response from Trent & the developer, if anyone knows
what “definitions set to null” means it would be interesting to find out. Suprisingly the components in the restored file had lost all their faces, but otherwise it was all intact.

"Hi Lincoln, a developer had taken a look at the file and has been able to get it restored.

Below is his comments on the file. It is saved as a 2019 file (I think that is what you are using) let me know if you have any problems.



The modified file is attached (in SU19 format).

The main issue was that some instances had their definitions set to null."

Apparently, component instance entries in the model database have a “definition” property that points at their parent definition object member, of the model’s DefinitionList collection (what you see when you view the “In Model” collection in the Components inspector panel.)

Somehow these pointer properties got set to null (ie, nothing) so SketchUp would not know what definition to use to display the component instance(s). Since it is the definition that actually “owns” the entities collection for all of it’s instances, there would be no way to properly load the model.

Instances of components may not only be a member of the model’s top level entities collection, but could also wind up being a nested member of another component definition’s entities collection. So if these nested instances were somehow corrupted by this “null bug” then just building the DefintionList collection during model load would also have serious problems (ie, broken reference links between instances and definitions.)

Good to know that something was restored. It crashed SketchUp when I tried some other techniques. I’ll ask the developer how he did the fixing.

Out of interest, did you look in the folder I gave to see if there were any auto save files?

Yes I did and there were no autosave files