Sketchup Crash, is it the computer or Sketchup itself?

Sketchup has quitted unexpectedly multiples times. I have an 16-inch Macbook with chip M2 Pro. Is there something wrong with the computer or with Sketchup itself? Please help.

Hard to tell. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free which is web based. Is that right? You posted in the SketchUp Pro category, though.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Hi DaveR,

I’m actually working with Sketchup pro, don’t know why it says sketchup free.

It doesn’t let me attach the file because its 78MB. What could be an alternative? May I send it to you through email?

Thanks, i will await your response.

That’s what you selected when you created your forum profile. Please edit your profile to make it correct.

The forum limit is about 16 Mb. Upload your file to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Hi, i just created this link with DropBox.

For the third time, please correct your forum profile.

I had no crashing with your file which leads me to think it’s a hardware problem. I did see some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 9_26_2023 , 6_13_03 PM

Plenty of unused content to purge. Mostly materials.
Screenshot - 9_26_2023 , 6_13_52 PM

There were also some excessively large texture images which I made more reasonable in size. This cleanup reduced the file size by about 52%.

I also see a lot of reversed faces (shown in pink here) that should be corrected if you plan to use a rendering application

The crashing you’re seeing may also be due to a conflict between your graphics card and the style you are using.

Here is the reduced file. See if your computer is happier with it.

Hi DaveR,

Already changed my forum profile, sorry about that!.

I have 3 questions:

  1. What do you mean by tag usage?
  2. How can I resize texture images?
  3. How can i reverse faces?

Thank you for your support! You had been extremely helpful!

Thank you.

ALL edges and faces should be created and left uuntagged. Only groups and components should be given tags

I used an extension called Material Resizer which is freely available from the Extension Warehouse.

Right click on them and choose Reverse Faces. Best practice is to stay on top of correct face orientation as you go and make sure they are right before you apply materials.

Thank you! I will let you know if I have more problems. Also, do you consider my laptotp (Macbook with Chip M2 pro 16 inches) adequate for rendering?

Depends on the model, the renderer, and the settings.

Hi DaveR,

I couldn’t see the reversed faces because my sketchup model always appears black:

What can i do to fix it?

Change the style to one of the default styles.

Why did you edit the style like that in the first place?

I went ahead and replaced the style to get rid of the white lines on black.

Oh thanks! I’m new to Sketchup and didn’t notice the styles option.